About PortfoLive.com
PortfoLive.com has been designed and developed by a High School Computer Science Teacher in Georgia, USA. It's designed for high school and college students. The core idea behind the design of PortfoLive is to assess students works from different perspective. Students are able to express reflections about their own work and receive evaluations from their teachers or instructors. This way, students can assess their own work.

PortfoLive.com provides easy-to-use platform for building up users' protfolio so students may use proffessional looking web portfolios as a showcase for college or job application.

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Development With PortfoLive, you can assess your own work and develop your skills needed to succeed professionally.
Development With PortfoLive, you can improve the mentoring process between you and your instructors.
Development With PortfoLive, you can show off your skills to potential employers with an impressive digital portfolio that leaves traditional resumes.
Development With PortfoLive, your digital portfolio is online in minutes.
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